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Wine tasting break in Orvieto

The gig
  • Come over hungry or after a light lunch as the very first activity you will attend once in the area will be your tasting experience: so make yourself comfortable and take a seat as there will be a wide selection of wine to try all accompanied by a range of cheese and cured meat. Everything will be produced in the area and the location will be, no need to say, a farm. We really want you to see things with your own eyes and experience how tasty and great is food here. Alright, time to rest: after tasting your accommodation will be ready for you: of course, you're encouraged to take a walk around the town if you feel like. 


  • After chek out, the day will be free for you to explore the area as you like. We reccomend to keep on visiting Orvieto or detour to Marmore Falls (but double check they're open before going).

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