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Orvieto city break

Where are we taking you
  • Welcome to Orvieto, the town is built on a cliff overlooking the Paglia valley and you will see it in all its graciousness. We imagine that your journey to get here may have been tiring so once you arrive at your accommodation you will have plenty of time to relax and make yourself comfortable. 

  • Today we start exploring the city: in the morning we will visit the famous Duomo, a true masterpiece of Gothic art. Our guide will make you discover all its incredible beauties made of mosaics, statues and frescoes. We have also already bought the entrance ticket to the famous St. Patrick's Well, incredible example of hydraulic and defensive architecture. Here the visit is free so you have plenty of time to take it easy. In the afternoon the visit continues with the guided sightseeing of the city with our guide who will also take you to visit the Pozzo della Cava, a wonderful example of caves that had various uses. We do not want to give you a spoiler, the guide will show you everything in depth. At the end of the visit the rest of the day is free for you.

  • And we come to the last day of this break in Orvieto. Once you leave your accommodation, before going back home, a morning wine tasting is waiting for you in a farm of the area. You will have the chance to visit its vineyards and familiarize with the wine production process. The tasting will be pretty substantial, do not eat too much at breakfast :). At the end of the experience, yopu will be given time to recover before going back home.

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