Speleological explorations

The itinerary
  • Ancona will be our base for this tour, and it’s where we selected your accommodation. Once arrived in the chief town, Camerano Caves will be our first visit: Camerano is just a suburb of the city which hosts this underground labyrinth rich in symbology and history. By night we’re going for dinner to a traditional restaurant before going back to your accommodation.

  • On day 2 we go westbound directly to the Frasassi and Rossa Canyon park. Our guide will give you some instructions before entering the Caves. After a short walk on the paved path, the real speleological experience will begin in this underground world of stalattites and stalagmites that, for sure, will leave you impressed the whole time.

  • Day 3 is dedicated to Ancona: our guide will take you around the city to show you its beauty and highlights to make you discover the history of this city. During the visit you will be taken to the Reservoir buried under the Stamira Square. After the visit, the rest of the day is free for you.

  • The last stop of this 4 days tour is in Osimo: this little town not far from Ancona has some underground beauties too. You can visit the village as you please we just booked for you the admission to the caves when you feel it’s time to go deeper underground.

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