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  • Welcome to Fermo! Our guide is waiting for you to explore the city. Among the main highlights you will see we can already mention the beautiful Eagle Theatre a great example of Italian - style theatre, the Roman Reservoirs great example of ancient engineering and the Globe Room within the Priori Palace. After the visit you the rest of the day is for you to explore.

  • Today we’re moving on westbound towards the mountains: destination for the day will be Amandola. On the way we suggest a stop in Montappone, cute village on top of the hill (as many in this area). Here a local production of hats made of straw has been active for decades. You will quickly visit a museum dedicated to this craftmanship and maybe get a new one for you at a typical shop. With your new hat it’s time to go for truffles, the hunt will begin as soon as you get to the location. A furry friend will help you out. As a perfect ending of the day we booked a table for you in Amandola before going to your overnight location.

  • We’re finally reached the Appenines, Umbria is just around vthe corner. This mountains are called Monti Sibillini that we could translate Sibyllinian Mounts: they’re named after the 12 Sybils that according to the Greek - Roman tradition should be prophetesses, although not truly able to predict future accurately; what’s 100% accurate is the beauty of the scenery around you. The best way to truly enjoy this area is hiking around. We do suggest a trail to the San Leonardo monastery or driving a bit further to Castelluccio (at this point it’s Umbria). On this plateau, during the summer season lentil cultivation are blooming making the area a patchwork of colors. Overnight will be at the same location of day 2.

  • It’s time to return to the coast. Today we only booked a table for you in Campofilone area so basically it’s your day to get around freely. We do suggest you go for a walk in Torre di Palme, few kilometres out of Fermo. This little, romantic village on top of the mountain it’s the right place for a last coffee (ora drink) with a view. Last but not least, this area has been for decades home of some of the most luxurious and fine fashion productions so, it’s plenty of fashion outlets where you can go shopping and find good deals on leather clothing (particularly shoes) and much more.

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