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  • Welcome to Ancona, the city welcomes you with its stunning position overlooking the gulf. Upon arrival, you will be given some time to relax and make yourself comfortable at your accommodation before going to town. Here we're going for a visited tour by e-bike: it's a fun, alternative and comfortable way to get around the city. 

  • Get prepared for hiking! On Day 2 you will meet our guide that will take you hiking on the Conero Mountain, which is a promontory just few kilometres southbound from Ancona. There has always been many legends about this headland. A military base is located underneath the mountain (clearly this military installation is not open to visits, and we strongly suggest you don't take pictures of any military installation during your time around here) that was strongly active during the Bosnia/Kosovo war; nowadays the base is related to legends about a secret submarine departing point or some UFO stories. Probably the guide will be able to give more curiosities. 

  • We go back to the headland, or to be more specific, just below the promontory: depending on the season of your visit we're taking you for some great natural activities. In the summer period we take our guests on a great boat trip around the mountain with some stunning views, whilst in other season there may be some horse riding around the area. In each case you will have a great time. To conclude the day in the best way, we're going for a wine tasting experience in a local cellar. 

  • So this is the last day of this trip. After leaving your room, depending on seasonal schedules there may be some more activities to do and we will keep you informed. If you still have some free time it's a great idea to spend a little bit more time to discover the area, for example for a quick walk in Sirolo where the view on the sea is breathe taking. 

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