Romagna, not just a beach

What's in for you
  • The first stop is Bertinoro: here you will have a quick guided tour of this village perched on a hill that offers an amazing view of the surrounding area. But the real reason for this stop is a delicious tasting in a famous restaurant in town. At the end of the meal, we will move to Cesena where, after leaving your things at the hotel, you can head to the remarkable Malatestian Library. This place is incredible because it preserves not only ancient volumes of great importance but also rooms and original furnishings of the fifteenth century: in short, it will be like entering a time machine. At the end of the visit, the rest of the day will be free and overnight stay will follow.

  • After having left the room and had breakfast, we move to Sogliano al Rubicone, another pretty little village. After a quick tour of the town center, we will go to a pit. It is not what you think, here they produce cheese, and the cheese of Fossa from Sogliano is one of the most sought after and delicious. At the end of the visit we will move to Santarcangelo di Romagna. We are already starting to feel the sea breeze here. Here we will stop for lunch which will obviously include a tasting of local flavors. The day continues with a visit to a very special place, the Antica Stamperia Marchi. Here they print fabrics as they did in 1633, still using a "Mangano" or a kind of giant wheel in which the operator must walk inside to complete the printing process (a bit like a hamster to make it easy). Obviously, it will also be possible to buy products of great value and authentic beauty. In Santarcangelo you will also visit some suggestive caves, used over the centuries for various purposes. At the end we will head towards our final destination, Rimini, the capital of Romagna; upon arrival settle in and relax.

  • The idea that Rimini is just beaches, trashy movies and discos is reductive: this city has a rather important cultural heritage. After breakfast you will discover it with our guide who will show you some highlights of the city's history and its most important beauties: the Malatesta Temple or Castel Sismondo to name a couple. At the end of the visit we have booked a restaurant for a good typical meal. At the end of the visit, the rest of the day will be all for you and, depending on your schedule, you can decide what to do. We recommend a trip to the San Marino Outlet Experience, a short distance from Rimini just after the border with the Republic of San Marino. Included in the price of this tour you will receive the exclusive shopping card, which guarantees reductions and discounts in the stores participating in the promotion. Why not making the most of it!

  • If you feel like shopping, we suggest a visit at San Marino Outlet Experience, few kilometers out of Rimini. Here you will find a great variety of clothing shops and much more, all branded with some of the best fashion marks such as Prada and Dolce & Gabbana. But there's more: guests will receive a special Shopping Card that comes with great benefits and discounts. 

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San Marino Outlet Experience is a shopping village all dedicated to design and fashion in the Rimini suburbs, just after San Marino Republic's boundary. Here you will find a great selection of high fashion brands and much more to satisfy your shopping feels. Discover more by clicking on the image below.

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