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  • Meeting point is Rimini where we will take you around the city: its monuments testify the Roman origin of the downtown area with some beautiful testimonies of the renaissance when the area was ruled by the Malatesta family. Get ready, this is a "cycled" visit so you will get around by bike. We want to specify that this is a normal bike but you can select an e-bike type below for an extra price. At the end of the visit you may make yourself comfortable at your accommodation before going for dinner in the restaurante we booked. 

  • On the second day we'll get out of town, always by bike. From Rimini you'll cycle, together with our guide, Sant'Arcangelo. In this case you will ride an e-bike which is more comfortable and suitable for longer distances. Stant'Arcangelo di Romagna is a charming village not far from the chief town. The town centre is well preserved and represents one of the best examples of villages where feeling the "Romagna atmosphere" made up of good cuisine tradition, optimism and dinamism. As we want you to you try a bit of this atmosphere we booked a light lunch before heading back to Rimini

  • Last day of your trip: after check out we have one last thing to do before going home. A friendly horse is waiting for you for a ride not far from the city so you can enjoy a last bit of Romagna even closer to nature.

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