Bologna "The Doc" City Break 

What's in for you
  • Here you are in the capital of Emilia: the "Doc" city of Italy welcomes you with its trance of students and busy people who wander around its beautiful city center furrowed left and right by arcades: in fact, you could walk downtown for hours on a rainy day without an umbrella and avoid getting wet. Leave your luggage at the accommodation we have selected because the guided tour of the center is about to begin. Our guide will take you on a walk to let you see some of the most significant places, which especially tie into its academic history. At the end, you can continue to explore the city freely according to your tastes. Shopping, monuments, clubs: there really is something for everyone!

  • The highlight of the day will be lunch with a "Cesarina": we have decided to let you fully experience the culinary spirit of the city by having lunch at the home of a lady from Bologna. She will make you try some typical dishes of the tradition of the city and more generally of Emilia. It will be a fun and yummy experience. At the end of lunch, your time with us will be over and you may continue to explore the city or return home as pleased. 

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