Bologna "The Delicious" City Break 

What's in for you
  • If you can already smell the scent of Bolognaise sauce, you have probably reached the city. Before going on a tasting expedition, we suggest you to check in at the accommodation facility we have booked for you. After that, meet our guide who will take you to discover smells and tastes here and there around the city. We would like to give you a specification of all the places that Stella will take you to visit, but she, 100% Bolognese, prefers to surprise each visitor according to his tastes. For sure there will be to try all the bouquet of the most famous ingredients of the city. At the end of the visit (which should last about 3 hours) the day will be free for you to explore (or taste more). 

  • Day 2 is all free: once you have checked out of your room, you will have the opportunity to continue visiting the city or its surroundings. Included in the price of this City Break is your ticket to the MAMBO, BO's Museum of Modern Art, a unique place dedicated to the arts in the area. Alternatively, if you are still feeling a bit hungry don't miss the chance to cycle around the city with our excursion "Cycle and taste the Bolognaise hills". It's on ebike and takes you on the wonderful hills surrounding Bologna and it's all accompanied by tasting experiences. 

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