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  • You will arrive in Rimini, maybe already tired from the previous days, and since we expect you in the morning our welcome will be immediately relaxing. Spa is waiting for you and, after a brief checkup, you can start your day relaxing. This includes access to several whirlpool baths, sauna, salt scrub, entrance to the relaxation room where herbal teas are served and to finish in the best way, a nice relaxing massage of about 30 minutes will be given to you. Once you've finished your wellness program, you'll probably feel hungry: don't worry, we've already booked lunch, which will continue along the wellness line. It will be tasty and nutritious. At the end of the meal you can reach the accommodation we have selected for you and you will have the rest of the day to browse around. 

  • Today we are going to decline relaxation in a different way: it is still a form of enjoyment but this one will focus on other elements. In the morning we take you on a tour of the city. We believe that art is an excellent form of enjoyment for the spirit and Rimini happens to be rich in this element so we will take a guided tour of the town center. At the end we will give some relief to the palate and to do that we booked a nice visit to a winery with tasting. At the end we will say goodbye to you; we suggest you to continue to look around the area according to your engagements and we will see you at the next trip.

  • If you feel like shopping, we suggest a visit at San Marino Outlet Experience, few kilometers out of Rimini. Here you will find a great variety of clothing shops and much more, all branded with some of the best fashion marks such as Prada and Dolce & Gabbana. But there's more: crusoe.travel guests will receive a special Shopping Card that comes with great benefits and discounts. 



About San Marino Outlet Experience


San Marino Outlet Experience is a shopping village all dedicated to design and fashion in the Rimini suburbs, just after San Marino Republic's boundary. Here you will find a great selection of high fashion brands and much more to satisfy your shopping feels. Discover more by clicking on the image below.

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