We're silent because we're busy

by Albe

It's now been few weeks since we almost shot down our communication: not much on here, not much social media posting activity. That's beacuse we're a bit busy at the moment and I want to give you a better idea why. But first, a true story.


Our mission consists in finding something for you to do when you travel to or in Italy. An we find activities in uncommon places and all year round. Let me give you an example: Rimini, which is a very famous Italian seaside resort, generally recalls in our mind: summer, beach, clubs. As we know, a year is made up of 12 months and it's incredible thinking that Rimini is great in winter too, with so much to offer (of course not involving its beach). And here is when we come into play:we do organize excursions, and put togheter itieneraries when the beach is not the best place to go, but there is something else great to do elsewhere. And we do it at an affordable price so you can enjoy Rimini even in January.  


It was just an example, we can also take you to Ancona, which is even less famous, although it has a lot to offer that one too! I dare you, in finding Ancona on a map without opening Google. Great then, come and see places in Italy with us. If you are curious but the idea of starting searching stuff such as, accommodation, restaurants, what to do, how to get there is hassling, well, here we are, ready with our products. All of them at a great price, 365 days and easy to book. 


But let's go back to the beginning of this article: we are busy. In order to find stuff to do in winter, we have to start researching now. So for the upcoming months you will have ready to book: 


  • Hikings: Marettimo (Sicily), Sibillini Mounts (Marche), Foreste Casentinesi (Tuscany), Costiera Amalfitana (Campania);
  • Beaches (in summer of course): Sardinia and Sicily
  • Excursion: monuments, waterfalls, wine tastings, little villages, e-bikes. All of this in Umbria, Marche, Emilia Romagna, particularly in Bologna which is a great place to visit.


These are just some of the new products you will soon see in our portfolio. Portfolio that will always include our year-round schedules (such as those ones in Ancona or Rimini).

In short, we're doing so many things that we really hope you may like and if you have requests or suggestions please do get in touch with us, or even better stop by in sunny Senigallia for a coffee with us (in summer we may work at the beach).