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Urbino and the Montefeltro

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998, Urbino is the artistic capital of the Marche region. It is located on soft hills that reach out to touch the Adriatic Sea. This small town experienced great development, especially artistic and cultural development in the 15th century thanks to the patronage of Federico da Montefeltro and his son Guidubaldo, transforming a medieval village into a thriving princely court. A visit to the town and its surroundings is a must for anyone in the area.

Bologna and its arcades

The UNESCO site of Bologna includes the porticos and their surrounding areas. The system of porticos that characterize the city are just one of several features that set it apart. In fact, for some years now, the city has become a destination for many visitors, being excellently connected and offering a wide choice of monuments, cultural activities, but above all a vast gastronomic tradition to be enjoyed and a sparkling nightlife

Matera's Sassi

Located in southern Italy, Matera is a truly unique city: built around limestone gorges, this was built using caves that housed dwellings, churches, monasteries that give it its particular and valuable structure. Around the Civita, the oldest nucleus of the city develop precisely unique views in the area and in Italy in general that you can discover thanks to our activities

The paleochristian monuments - Ravenna

The UNESCO site of Ravenna consists of 8 early Christian monuments, true masterpieces of Byzantine art. The city is located in Romagna and is easily connected from Bologna by a quick train or car ride. Characterized by a varied cultural offering, it is also well suited as a stop on larger tours of Romagna and its Riviera. 

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