Making your favourite trip

is our favourite job


Perhaps you already gave a look to some of our travel ideas, but you still want to get that personal touch that only you can give to your trip. Great, we're ready to help!

Book an appointment with one of our Travel Consultants and let them make the magic and customize your travel. 


How does this work

Our customized consultancy service supports you in your trip planning. It's our way to go extra mile for you and build up something memorable. Our Consultants supported by our Product Managers will listen to your indications and will suggest you the best options according to your needs. They will gather some information from you and will start from there to put together some ideas and then they'll will give you proposals and ideas until the day of departure!

First appointment may last up to 1 hour without any obbligation from you. We believe it will be the beginning of a great adventure! Afterwards we'll start to do the magic and keep you informed with our ideas and then decide if you'd like to go ahead and book your trip. 

Our time is valuable, and yours is even more: regardless of the times we will going to talk and work planning your trip, this consultancy service will cost you ONLY 10 EUROS (inclduing VAT). That's it, no matter what you ask, this service cost you like a glass of wine. 

But there is more: if at the end you book, that glass of wine it's on us. Yes, all true, we refund you the price of the service when you book with us.


You will be charged the second time we get in touch.