Valeria Valenti

Hi there! I'm Valeria, come with me and discover my area 


Since 2000 I have been a licensed tour guide for the Marche Region and I sing the stories of this powerful land. I am constantly updating myself, because a place and its stories never stop: today they are here and tomorrow who knows where. Let me share my passion and what drives my work, and let me interpret yout interests and expectationsations so I can tell you the best story.

I think that my activity is like a soft ball of yarn, a thread that unites: a line that creates a fabric made up of brief, often unrepeatable, but strong encounters, a thread that guides us out of the labyrinth of information that incessantly invests us, synthesizing it, updating it and humanizing it with a smile.

I love curious travelers and anyone who wants to go beyond the usual things, or rather, the usual ways, because it's not so much the place you visit, but the way you do it that makes the difference! A beautiful painting, as well as a good glass of wine have an infinite number of stories to tell and will be the most precious memory to take home. 

I am the thread of the conversation. I hold onto my thread tightly and try never to lose it. You choose yours and follow it safely. A great story this: be a part of it!


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