Sara Luise

Hey, I'm Sara and i'm from Venice. 

My heart has been stolen by the beauty of Le Marche 

Hey, my name is Sara and I'm 26 and I'm originally from Venice area but my heart belongs to Marche region where I moved few years ago. The attraction for nature has been present in my life since I was a child leading me to discover new things and spendig most of my time outdoor; growing up, I felt the need to know more and delve into the knowledge of what sorrounded me, so I started studying Biology and Anmial Behaviors. 



But knowing all about nature wasn't enough, I wanted to see with my own eyes and touch with my hands what I learnt at Uni, so I realized that my perfect job was the want I chose, being an environmental naturalistic guide, and I love it. Here I am then, sharing with you my passion for hiking and outdoors and the love for nature and its care. My mission is to transmit my knowledge and ehtusiasm to those joining me in my activities in some stunning places I know. Get ready, join me in discovering the world!



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Come and see my territory! A land rich in variety of landscapes, a thin stripe of land where sea, hills and mountains can be seen in the same place. 

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