All the shades of Italy

We at Crusoe are expert travellers, and we've gone all around the world. 2020 pandemic taught us that there is no need to go really far to find beauty and feel great like when you travel; we just found everything around the corner. That's why we started selecting the very best places, restaurants, accommodations and so on, that Italy can offer and put together some itineraries and excursions to share the italian beauty with everyone. 

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Places (almost) unknown

We know we're lucky, living in Italy surrounded by beauty, culture, history, wines and adventure and we want you to experience the best of it. Our effort is making mixes of these elements to offer different ways to spend your time within 24 hours or more days in these amazing italian places. 

Global spirit, Italian heart

Our heart is 100% Italiano Pinched Fingers on Apple iOS 14.6 but we think globally: we take you experiencing our country, and we do it with an international and cosmopolite mindset. You will always find, during a Crusoe trip, some other peers coming from other counties sharing the same desire of fun, discovery and connection. 

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