3 travel styles

3 different ways to let us schedule your time

To give you an idea

As you know a trip to be complete is made up of multiple services: accommodation, transport, guided tours and so on. We know that every traveller has a different way to organise the time during their holidays and for this reason we mad up three different formulas, 3 "Travel Styles" that include in the total price a different selection of services, where some of them may be extra so you can decide if booking them or not. This means that you decide how much of your time during your trip is organized while you book or, in other words, how much effort you need to spend to organize your trip in terms of "where do I sleep?", "what will I visit?". We care after everything, you just have to decide how much time you want us to organize and where you would like to go


Light Formula

Light is our entry level, and clearly the cheapest one. It's the ideal formula for those who want a low degree of time schedule during the travel in order to keep time unorganised so the decision on "What to do" is taken at a later moment. Transport to and from destination and transfer from a location to the next one have to be done driving with a rented or owned car following an itinerary prepared by us. This formula always include accommodation + an essential selection of coordinate services and a list of extra activities that you can book as extra. Keep in mind, that the selection of accommodation is made by us: we do let you know prior booking what kind of accommodation we will select for you and the price you will pay; you just have to select the room type and the number of travellers joining. 



Smart Formula

Smart is the intermediate formula that we offer. It is ideal for those who want their time to be organized prior departing so there will be no hassle to do it once at destination or just before going. Even in this case, Smart does not include transportation to/from the destination and between location that has to be with an owned car or by renting. Same as Light Formula, Smart includes a "roulette formula" when talking about accommodation. Sometimes we like to team up with some great accommodation providers and in that case we do a "special" where this service is predetermined and clearly communicated. In all other cases we just let you know the category of accommodation we will select for you. Don't worry, everything is clearly described, and as usual, if you need any extra help just let us know. 

Full Formula (Coming soon)

This great formula is under construction at the moment, but will be 0 stress for real... stay tuned

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