How does it work
It's incredibly intuitive

We thought about everything and it's everything very practical: you will find a great variety of solutions suitable for any need. Whether you're thinking to a weekend break or a longer trip, savvy Crusoe brains worked to select all the elements you need for the perfect itinerary

Few simple "ingredients"

Our proposals are like a good cocktail, we have to combine ingredients wisely to make a good mix. All our trips uses 5 ingredients (5 moods as we call them): Relax, Culture, Active, Nature and Food & Wine. Their presence on the itinerary description will give you an idea of what you'll find during your time with us. 

3 steps and you're ready to go

Have a look to our travel ideas, and pick your travel formula (you can learn more here), insert your data, select your payment method to buy. Our team will reconfirm all the services as soon as they can to issue your booking documents and let you go... 1,2,3 Ready to leeeeave

It takes 2 to tango

Our trips are designed for small groups (generally up to 8 participants): most of them can be confirmed with only 2 people, so it would be a very intimate group. In case you need some more information before booking, regarding departures to check if they're confirmed or not, get in touch with us. We'll be happy to assist you. 

Solo traveller?

No problem at all: if you're a solo traveller and you want to know if a departure is scheduled and confirmed, get in touch with us. 

Need extra help?

Our itineraries depart from predetermined location and we give free choice to our guests to reach them with the transportation method they prefer. Whenever you may need extra help in order to reach the departing point (as well as the returning point) let us know, as we'll be absolutely please to help out*. 


* supplementary assistance may involve extra costs that will be communicated to you before any possible purchase. 

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