Explorist, what?

We like to think that who chooses to spend time with us feels like being a combination of an explorer and a tourist (not a mass tourist though). A new kind of traveller, "The Great Explorist": it's not a tourist, it's not an explorer, it's the perfect travel companion; the one to discover places in a 360° perspective, travels carefree ready to be surprised. 

EXPLOrer + touRIST

EXPLOrer + touRIST = EXPLORIST, in one word we want to encompass the whole meaning of our service. Crusoe is a community that gives to travellers what they really want: the right price, the right duration, the perfect company and the unforgettable moments united with the necessary comfort. 

We make moments

We don't make the "trip of a lifetime", those travels that happen once in a life. We do make moments that can be repeated, itineraries ready-to-go for a weekend break, or to discover an hidden part of Italy with friends. Or just a Sunday escursion for different day. Whatever is the moment you're looking for, crusoe.travel is the right place to find what you look for. 

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